Shades Coventry Meet - Bergkamps Nokia Phone Pics

Yeaaaaaayyy    RAT Fans


Tantric and Mischief at the Bar !!


Tantric and Mischief (about to Zap Bergy with her magical blue rod)


Lister drops a quick kiss on Mrs Lister (Tantric) awwwww


Your certainly not coming in here mate with with that RAT, now piss off ! smile...


This driver was distracted by the antics of the Shadists....errrr.....and found himself in the barrier


Bluebirf shows Tantric the finer art of mobile Shading...Pauli still trying to think of a name for her football team.


Lister grabs Mischief, while Azmoden shows us all how to do the Exorcist head shake.


Lister pissed up doin star jumps infront of Mischief and Azmoden


Pauli in the indian...


Bluebirf in the indian.....


Oh dear...! Lister that smile is well cheesy


Tantric and Pauli (who also is trying the Exorcist head shake)


Tantric and Pauli (grabs her head to stop it moving)


Tantric ;)


Lister is well leathered at this point and has a moment for a quick snooze.... this point Bergkamp and Lister were stopping to help locals with directions...cough!


Tantric on Bergkamps bed.....(Bluebirf and Lister looking on....Lister hopes...wink)