Shades Coventry Meet

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Thumbnails used for benefit of modem to enlarge

All from left....Pauli, Bergkamp, Lister and Bluebirf at the start of friday night!


And again


Lister gives Bluebirf a warm cuddle (oh dear!) who is half way through a "waaazaaaaaaaa!!"


We cleared the bar with our antics..Bluebirf, Mrs Lister (Tantric) and Lister, Pauli and Bergkamp.


A great moment.....Bergy gets through to Smity in Thailand and enjoys a giggle about data transfer rates and trigger settings....honest!!


Bergy looks on as Bluebirf logs on to Shades via IR and Palm to contact Smity!!, Mischief wonders if Bergy is dribbling on Blueys shirt.


Tantric and Missy natter, Bluey is straining to get rid of wind as Azmoden attempts to get first whiff, Bergy stokes Pauli gently...


Bluey and Azmoden (we are not interested with any rune markings on your hand Az!! even if your sure that your are royalty)....keep viewing...snigger!


Bergys chin is all comfy, Bluey shows Bergy the handwriting thingymajig while arranging contact with Smity!!!!! good ol Smity, was out with us even tho he was on other side of world.


Bluey and Bergy are moving that fast with spamming easts...the picture gets blurred!!...hehe


AHA!! Well Bergy...explain that one....:)


And Bluebirf......looking rather red and explain that one !!!


Bergy cuddles Tantric and Pauli, while Bluey and Azmoden struggle over bingo tickets!


Pauli..........;)...doing well at this point.


Bergy stops some ladies (off picture and grabs a picture with his new phone).....for later...wink ;)


Tantric tries to stop Azmoden from attempting to steal that bingo ticket from Bluebirf.....Pauli looks on.


Azmoden in Magic shoes and Lister hold onto the now very drunk and doing us proud ..Mischief!


The remarkable Bergkamp, logs on with his Warlock after jugs of vodka redbulls, using a 9600 IR mobile connection at 4am and attacks another unsuspecting Warlock...sheesh!!! Bluey and Lister sit back and chuckle...wot a night!


Azmoden and his soon to be famous Deadly Ninja Throwing Cabbage


Lister thrusts at Medy with the Rat, but Medy has the Shortsword....bugger!!


Medy fumbles Lister, who tries a Get All, Ret Rat, however Medy still has that effin Shortsword!!


Azmoden attacks the Guards brother with the Cabbage, who looks rather bored !


Lister (with RAT) and Medy (with SS) get a quick pic with the Guards brother...where is the Guard.


Medy (still with SS) finds the Guard at last, looking proper Guardlike and stiff


AHA! Lister restams quickly while Medy is doing wh girl's


A nice piccie of Warwick castle......aaaaahhhhhh!!!


A nice piccie of Warwick castle....complete with Cabbage and Rat..;)


Rat is proper made up, he is getting about a bit now, his second castle visit to date.....


Tantric and Mischief complete with hat and Rod (errrr wand Rod or zapper thingy)


Azmoden attacks Medy with the Cabbage, Medy still has that Shortsword.


Azmoden was trying to tell us in the Pub he was a princess with a cabbage....Mischief, Medy and Tantric


Mischief chuckles away with Tantric and non-shadists behind, at the now royalty convinced Princess Azmoden, Medy pictured without the shortsword...wots going on Medy?


Azmoden, Mischief, Medy (has shortsword back...bugger) and Tantric.


Azmoden claims all the weapons with a superb macro involving multiple fumbles and get alls. Looks like he is royalty after all....